Butcher Shop

Our goal is to make a  trip to the butcher shop a happy continuation of your successful day in the field.  At the bottom of this page is address and contact information for a deer butcher shop.

How you process your deer plays a big part in how it tastes.  We have some great ideas and videos online on field care.  Field care plays a big part in how much meat your deer will yield.

You’re deer will be kept hanging in our cooler which is kept at a consistent temperature.  We keep our cooler above freezing but below 40 degrees to insure that your venison is processed the right way!  Venision pick up.

We have listed some of our favorite recieps to help you enjoy natures bounty.
Chop Meat
Osso Bucco

Our shop uses a lot of different equipment to process a deer and this enables us to process your deer efficiently and with minimal waste.

Each day our shop changes over from processing beef to processing deer. Our team is required to clean all the equipment frequently during the day and before and after deer processing is completed. Additionally we wipe down the equipment after every animal is processed.

Southington Beef and Pork
347 Center Street
Southington CT
(860) 416-8177


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