Our goal is to make a  trip to the butcher shop a happy continuation of your successful day in the field.  We have over 50 years of experience butchering both game and beef in Connecticut (CT).   Our shop is open year round so you can count on us being here next season.  To drop off a deer click here…

You’re deer will be kept hanging in our cooler which is kept at a consistent temperature.  We keep our cooler above freezing but below 40 degrees to insure that your venison is processed the right way!

Our shop uses a lot of different equipment to process a deer and this enables us to process your deer efficiently and with minimal waste. Some of the basic equipment used in our butcher shop include the following:

  1. Band saw:  we use a band saw all the time to create delicious venison chops, roasts, osso buco and steaks with the bone included.
  2. Meat grinder industrial:  Used to create outstanding venison burgers and sausage.
  3. Boning knifes:  Different types of boning knifes are used depending on the cut of meat needed.
  4. Scimitar: Is used for trimming meat and portion cutting of steaks and stew meat.
  5. Slicer:  Is used for trimming large cuts and portion cutting.
  6. Clam knife:  Is used to scrape the membranes off the bones.
  7. Meat cleaver: is sometimes used to cut chops and needs to be relatively heavy to break through chine bones.
  8. Handsaw:  is used like a knife at times to cut threw certain bones difficult to reach with a band saw.

Each day our shop changes over from processing beef to processing deer. Our team is required to clean all the equipment frequently during the day and before and after deer processing is completed. Additionally we wipe down the equipment after every animal is processed.


Thank you for visiting HuntingConnecticut.com a division of Southington Beef.  Our butcher shop is located in Southington CT.  Our goal is provide high quality deer and wild game butchering to the Connecticut (CT) Hunting community.  We are one of the oldest and most respected butcher shops in Connecticut and we appreciate your business.